An Introduction to C3

Thank you for your interest in Corpus Christi Cornhole (C3). C3 was launched in early March 2020, unfortunately just prior to the start of the massive pandemic. This significantly delayed the launch of our events.

C3 was finally able to launch it’s first “Meet and Greet” event (E:1) in early October 2020 on our beautiful local beach (see the photo above). This turned out to be a very successful event with many interested beach goers joining C3, as well as existing C3 members being able to connect with one another. Beach-goers driving by our event literally slammed on their brakes and ran over to find out more out cornhole when they saw our nice set-up. It was really cool!

C3 launched its first formal tournament (E:2) along with Jonathon Ibarra (Chris Fisher’s doubles partner) and his organization, BG Baggers of Corpus Christi, on October 16, 2020 at the beautiful Holiday Inn Downtown. The event was well-attended, and a very successful event that cemented C3’s place in the local cornhole community.

Future events will continue to be held at Holiday Inn Downtown, as well as other venues, including at Marker 37, throughout the year. Most of C3 events are in partnership with Jonathon Ibarra.

C3 eventually hopes to bring massive regional events to Corpus Christi that will include pro level players with possible television/media coverage.

We look forward to meeting and seeing you at our future events!

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